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Indicator 5.2

Professional and support staff continuously collect, analyze and apply learning from a range of data sources, including comparison and trend data about student learning, instruction, program evaluation and organizational conditions that support learning.


System Rating: 3


Policy Evidence

Board Policy EDE Energy Conservation

Additional Evidence

BrightBytes (What Our Students Say)
BrightBytes (What Our Teachers Say)
BrightBytes Early Warning System
BrightBytes Technology Utilization Survey (SVHS)
Business Services Department – AA Bond Rating Evidence
Business Services Department – ASBO, GFOA Certificates
Business Services Department – Letter from External Auditor
Energy Management Report 2016 Q3M1
Enrollment Projections Board Report
Example Redistricting Scenario
Example SIC Parent Survey
Food Services Expectation Meeting September 13, 2016
Food Services Report Card November 2016
General Fund Budget Survey
Geographic Information System (GIS)
IT Services Overview – Part 1 – Infrastructure and Support
Magnet Evaluation Conversations – Proposals
Magnet Program Review Rubric
Magnet Review Presentation February 23, 2016
Maintenance Work Order System
Parent Magnet Interest Survey
Parent Needs Survey
Planning Department – Special Needs Interactive Map – Screen shot
Planning Department – Special Needs Interactive Map
R2i2 Transportation Study
Standard 5 Stakeholder's Meeting Photograph
Strategic Plan Survey
Technology Work Order System
Title IX Student Survey