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STEM Certification

AdvancED STEM Certification provides a proven, research-based framework and criteria from which to assess and validate the quality, rigor and substance of STEM educational programs. Through this certification protocol, institutions and programs build awareness, increase expectations and demonstrate a commitment and ability to deliver high-quality STEM education.

AdvancED STEM Certification is a mark of STEM distinction and excellence for those institutions that are granted the certification.

AdvancED STEM Certification:

  • Combines a data-driven internal review process and an external diagnostic review process to provide educators with detailed findings and a clear roadmap to stimulate and sustain dramatic improvement.
  • Demonstrates a school’s ongoing commitment and capacity to prepare students for STEM fields of study and work.
  • Communicates to postsecondary business and industry leaders that the school is committed to driving higher levels of student achievement.
  • Requires STEM school leadership to engage stakeholders in an honest and continual evaluation of policies, strategies and learning conditions in order to achieve desired outcomes.