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Pathway to Premier Facilities

Many district partners — employees, parents and community members — have spent a great deal of time researching, reviewing data and giving feedback on facility needs across the district. Using this data, the district has developed a funding plan that addresses safety and security facility needs and updates older facilities to support 21st century teaching and learning in every school.

In light of this work, on July 24, 2018, the Richland Two Board of Trustees adopted the Resolution Ordering a referendum to fund the proposed amount not to exceed $468,406,000. These projects include safety/security improvements at schools and for buses, improvements to academic learning spaces, additions and improvements to arts/athletic facilities and technology infrastructure improvements.

As Richland Two continues on the pathway to be the premier district, we must have premier facilities to:


  • Provide safe and engaging learning and working environments
  • Ensure success for all partners by preparing them for their futures
  • Dedicate resources towards the ongoing development of the gifts and talents of all partners
  • Maintain a culture and environment that reinforces positive character traits and is joyful and productive for all partners
  • Make the Richland Two community an all-inclusive and desirable place to live, work and play
  • Recruit, develop and retain top talent -- premier employees, students, families and community members

Here are the facts about the district and the November 6 Bond Referendum: